voorbeeld 1 - Koorpartij-oefening

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Acte 1a.
We have sacrificed
To Wodan thanks we render
Acte 1b.
Brave souls, to be renowned      
Acte 1c
To Woden’s Hall all
Acte 1d
Come, if you dare
Now they charge on amain
The fainting Saxons
Now the victory's won,
Acte 2a
Hither, this way bend
Acte 2b
Come follow me
No goblin or elf shall dare
Sopraan 2
Acte 2c
We brethren of air
How blest are shepherds,
Bright nymphs of Britain
Acte 2d
Come, shepherds, lead up.
Acte 3a
See we assemble
Acte 3b
’Tis love that has warmed us
Acte 4a
How happy the lover
Acte 5a
Round thy coasts
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Acte 5b
Our natives not alone appear
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